Mission Statement Via Musica


In a globalised world cultural dialog enables an understanding across all borders, which is an essential precondition for people of different nationalities to develop an open-minded and discerning consciousness.
As a non-profit association we promote the cultural, especially the musical exchange on a national and an international level and thereby contribute to a broadened cultural awareness of young artists.

We are convinced that through individual experience and personal contact an important step towards a harmonic future is made possible.
To this aim we shall establish and nurture international ties in the field of youth culture, especially concerning music.
We shall direct our special attention to the exchange with and the relationship to cultural groups from Eastern Europe, that show a strong drive and great potential for the future.


VIA MUSICA Vienna International Association for Music and Culture Exchange
VIA MUSICA Verein für Internationalen Musik- und Kulturaustausch Wien

ZVR- Zahl: 046002551

Vorstandsvorsitzender Dr. Richard Laub
Stv. Vorstandsvorsitzender Diplom Kulturwirt Michael Heislbetz, M.A.

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