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Bernhard J. WANICEK

Bernhard Wanicek

Bernhard J. Wanicek, is a Vienna-based private management consultant, serving companies in need of financial, logistical and organizational advice. He has cooperated on a variety of international projects, such as the development of educational leadership programs and professional exchange programs for American organizations both in Central-Eastern Europe and in Cuba.

His ability to address intercultural issues in the business world has inspired him to promote this spirit also amongst young musicians worldwide. Bernhard Wanicek, as one of the founders of Via Musica, supports new opportunities for young people to exchange music and cultural experiences.

Bernhard played an integral part in developing a highly successful multi-cultural international project. As CFO he was responsible for all matters of controlling, budgeting, public subsidies as well as financial reporting. Nowadays, he serves as financial auditor for the association Via Musica.

He worked for Nestlé Austria, Logistics Department, before joining the Pegasus Tourism Corporation as controller, being in charge of corporate finance and organization for the member companies, and serving as Pegasus' project manager.

Bernhard J. Wanicek was born in Austria in 1962. After high school, he completed his studies and received his Masters Degree in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics, followed by post-graduate studies in 1992 (Latin American Advanced Studies). He worked for a service company in different countries and lived in Cuba for about two years.