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Richard F. Laub - Founder
Bernhard J. Wanicek - Founder
Summa cum Laude




Richard LAUB

Richard Laub was born in the west of Austria at the Lake of Constance in 1975, spent his youth in South Africa and graduated from high school in Germany.
During his studies of law and philosophy at the Universities of Vienna and Leuven/Belgium he worked for the Bregenz Festival, which stages spectacular opera productions on the world's largest lake stage.

After graduating with a specialization in the field of cultural law, he wrote his doctoral thesis on theatre and copyright law. Aiming to combine his expertise as a lawyer with his passion for the arts, he has worked for various cultural institutions, such as the Tanzquartier, one of the most renowned dance houses in Europe and the Schauspielhaus, Vienna's leading avant-garde theatre. He is currently working for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
As the chairman and co-founder of Via Musica he aims to encourage intercultural dialogue in one of the world's cultural capitals.